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Automated CAD Features

Giving you a competitive edge in your design work

PTCAD Plus constantly adds new tools and functions to simplify even the most complicated tasks, giving you a competitive edge in your design work.

Empower Your Designs with Growing Features of PTCAD Plus 2024

PTCAD Plus packed with advanced tools & functions that simplify complex tasks, with new features added regularly, you’ll always have the power to create innovative designs. Here we have some examples of Automated tools to help you getting stuff done more faster than before.


Auto Dimension : DIMX

Unlock effortless precision with PTCAD Plus’s “AutoDimension” feature. Simply select your desired area and click to automatically generate accurate dimensions for every aspect of your design


Auto Wall

Simplify your architectural design process with PTCAD Plus’s “Autowall” feature, eliminating the need for manual drawing of each wall. This powerful tool streamlines the creation of walls with just a few simple steps, removing repetitive tasks and significantly speeding up your project workflow.


Sheet Metal

Now in PTCAD Plus you can easily create Sheet Metal with different type of sheet metal by just specify the properties of the sheet metal that you want and we will generate for you in an instant!

True Compatibility with DWG

PTCAD is natively compatible with the industry-standard DWG file format, allowing for seamless collaboration and interoperability with other CAD software like AutoCAD’s Latest version.

Increase Productivity with Lisp

Lisp support offers users the ability to automate, streamline workflows, and increase productivity. It’s highly compatible with AutoCAD® AutoLISP so that you can use your existing one.

Powerful 2D and 3D tools

PTCAD offers a comprehensive range of 2D and 3D CAD functions that provide complete DWG design solutions for a wide range of industries and applications

Network License Available

Reduces licensing costs for organizations by allowing multiple users to access the software simultaneously, without the need for individual licenses

Familiar Interface & Command

PTCAD allows any CAD user to start working on their DWG designs without wasting time on a steep learning curve by utilizing familiar command support.

Design with Confidence

Start designing with confidence and enjoy peace of mind by using PTCAD to avoid the risks of using pirated programs.

PTCAD Plus Release Log

PTCAD Plus 2024.0

Feature Added

    Create a grid line automatically. You can set the column type, thickness, spacing and automatically create a balloon letter with a dimension line.
    Build a wall between the columns. We can specify the type of hatching and the thickness and width of the wall. along with being able to determine the position of the wall
  • Automatic WALL
    Build walls from specified certer lines. Can create pillars at intersection points automatically. Or you can specify the width and thickness of the pillars. You can also filter the centerline layer that will be selected to build the wall.
  • PTCAD AEC – Door Plan
    Create a door according to the selected type. You can set the width and thickness and you can choose the position. The door will be in the middle of the wall. or close to the edge according to the specified distance
  • Automatic Dimension
    Automatically create a dimension line at the centerline of the wall so that we can provide dimensions even after we have already drawn walls and columns.
  • AEC Library
    Collection of many ready-made designs. Users can easily pull parts such as doors or windows as well as other furniture such as sofas, cars, plants, and sanitary ware to use in the design without having to redraw it. It will consist of both 2D and 3D models.
  • HOLE
    You can create different drill hole designs, whether you choose from square or circular work edges, or you can choose different positions yourself, or if you have a drill hole coordinate table, you can import it to use.
  • Table
    Can create drill hole tables You can do this by giving different coordinates of the drill holes. You can also set the DATUM point yourself and can also export to xls.
  • Drawing Annotation
  • Auto Hole Dimension
    Automatically provide drill hole size and position You can choose up to 3 styles.
  • Mech Library
    Able to pull out standard mechanical equipment, with top, side and front options available.
  • Balloon
    Can be used to set numbers and properties of various equipment on the drawing, including the number can be specified
  • BOM
    Automatically create a BOM table by pulling values ​​from the Balloon command without needing to retype it.
PTCAD Plus 2024.0.0.12

Feature Added

  • Flatten
    Make the lines in different planes projected onto the same plane
  • QuickTrim
    Unwanted objects can be cut by selecting the object to cut. without having to select the edge to be cut first.
  • SuperHatch
    This is a command used to create a hatch from an image, block, or external object.
  • Copy Multiply
    It is a command that combines the copy and array commands together, able to set the distance. or the desired amount
  • P&ID Lite
    P&ID Lite helps you create accurate and efficient Piping and Instrumentation Diagram quickly and easily
  • Beam
  • BeamDetail
  • Footing
  • FootingPlane
  • SheetMetal
    easily create Sheet Metal with different type of sheet metal by just specify the properties of the sheet metal

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