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PTCAD 2024
Lite edition

Your simple solution for 2D DWG drafting, without the extras you don’t use.

Designed by CAD users,
for CAD users

Discover the PTCAD 2024 Lite Edition, tuned by CAD professionals for CAD users, focusing on providing just the right tools needed for DWG drafting work. This edition is streamlined to offer a faster, lighter, and more cost-effective solution without the burden of unnecessary features. Tailored for efficiency, PTCAD 2024 Lite ensures you have access to the essential drafting capabilities, making it the ideal choice for users seeking simplicity and precision at an unmatched value.

Blazing Fast is in PTCAD Lite’s DNA

With a focus on development toward speed and performance, PTCAD Lite is optimized to ensure that your DWG is created quickly and accurately. As a result, you’ll be able to work on your CAD design projects without any lag, so you can spend more time focusing on your creativity and productivity.


Powerful 2D Drafting Tools That you need

PTCAD Lite is equipped with all the essential features that you need for your 2D CAD projects without any additional functions that may slow down your workflow


Performance Tune to the limit

Optimized for speed and performance, thanks to our expertly crafted code, powerful CAD engine, and hardware utilization techniques to ensure smooth, pan, and other DWG operation when your design your CAD project


Affordable drafting without the compromise

No needs to look for a crack for CAD software if you can unlock your potential with a full range of essential 2D drafting tools at an affordable price.

True Compatibility with DWG

PTCAD is natively compatible with the industry-standard DWG file format, allowing for seamless collaboration and interoperability with other CAD software like AutoCAD’s Latest version.

Familiar Interface & Command for 2D DWG

PTCAD allows any CAD user to start working on their DWG designs with a range of 2D function utilizing familiar command support and friendly user interface.

Design with Confidence

Start designing with confidence and enjoy peace of mind by using PTCAD to avoid the risks of using pirated programs.

PTCAD Lite Release Log

PTCAD Lite 2024.0.0.12Details

Feature Added

  • Flatten
    Make the lines in different planes projected onto the same plane
  • QuickTrim
    Unwanted objects can be cut by selecting the object to cut. without having to select the edge to be cut first.
  • SuperHatch
    This is a command used to create a hatch from an image, block, or external object.
  • Copy Multiply
    It is a command that combines the copy and array commands together, able to set the distance. or the desired amount

Fix & Optimization

  • Memory Optimization
    Reduce Memory Leak and enhance memory optimization to work with larger DWG files (30MB+)
  • Zoom & Pan Optimization
    Enhance PTCAD Lite to smoother Zoom & Pan with larger DWG files (30MB+)

Upcoming Feature

  • Turbo Mode
    Toggle Button for 2nd Step Coding Tune for Speed & Performance while working with DWG CAD at any size

Are you looking for a solution that supports Lisp or network licensing?

PTCAD 2024 Standard

Complete 2D/3D CAD solution


Perfect CAD for professionals and organizations who need a powerful 2D/3D DWG CAD solution. With features like Lisp support, network licensing, maximum compatibility with other DWG software that will instant budget saving.

PTCAD 2024 Plus

Evolving CAD Features

2D/3D DWG++

Comprehensive set of powerful tools and functions, this edition continues to evolve with growing features that simplify even the most complicated tasks, making your design process seamless and efficient.

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